LEGAT Unblock-the-power-of-your-sales-force

I have no intention to replicate the body of knowledge of Marketing and sales here. However I consider it worthwhile to point out to two aspects of sales management, both of which have “links” to Dr. Goldratts generic thoughts about constrained systems.

1) Justin Roff-Marsh has earned himself a reputation for proposing “the death of field sales” - an upside down approach at building sales organization for which he coined the term SPE (sales process engineering).

2) Legat and Woehr have been sales executives at Hewlett Packard and propose to develop sales plans starting with the ultimate goal and then working backwards through rigorous cause and effect logic. The outcome are more realistic sales plans with more buy in from the sales team and hence more sales.

Operational Sales plans should be similar to action plans with activities/deliverables, accountabilities, resources, budgets and deadlines.
Review and follow up of sales plans should be done through simple red/green traffic light visualization. Take a look at this example of a sales report.