STABER bottleneck

Operations would produce infinite amounts of goods if there were no constraints of cash, floor space, people, machines, materials, orders ...

Typically only a few and not all of these factors will constrain the system/enterprise.

We are focused on identifying constraints, and
We are focused on attacking the vital few of these constraints ...

... rather than getting distracted by a list full of “issues” or spreading out thin all resources availlable over actions which might, but most likely will not, touch the core of the problem. This way we manage to fix the real “fires” and help improve problems in a speedy manner.

This section touches briefly on three main concepts of “operational excellence”:

For the time being only two more topics from the many subjects within operations management are covered here:

  • (time) efficiency = TEEP, OEE, TRS, demonstrated capacity ...
  • (material) efficiency = scrap = TEMP (total effective material productivity).