cost reduction

Streamlining overhead from 180 FTE down to 120 FTE while
absorbing an equivalent of +27 FTE of overhead functions from

Reduction of manufacturing and process scrap through training,
visualization of KPIs and
daily shop floor routines
and monitoring local CIP projects.
Scrap/error/rework reduced by 1 Mio.€.

Regional cost improvement program (CIP) across a business with 4 plants to boost financial performance and support exit of a Private Equity held division to an industrial investor. Detailed tracking of improvements per individual CIP and per improvement lever. Significant efficiency improvements (TEEP) to allow insourcing of subcontracted work. Project to pass through changes in precious material purchase price variations and to reduce scrap (TEMP). Launched sales initiatives to boost sales by 20% in 3 years.
This helped to achieve an exit multiple of 7 x EBITDA for an Automotive Industry average of 4.5 at that time.

30% gains on CAPEX requirements and cost rates in a molding operation by switching to tie bar less molding machines with bigger mold mounting plates on smaller machine sizes.

Plan for a plant closure in the Latin part of Europe. Creation of spare capacity (buildings and equipment) and preparation of safety stock for equipment transfer.

Plant turnaround in Germany: +5% points of EBIT improvement through refocusing of plant operations and transfer out of programs to CEE, repricing of poor margin products, efficiency improvements and cut in spending. Negotiation and conclusion of a social plan.

Plant turnaround in Austria: +15% points of EBIT improvement through a complete management overhaul, implementing Class A planning and control processes, efficiency improvements and cut in spending. Negotiation and conclusion of a social plan.

STABER DUN overhead reduction
STABER scrap reduction
STABER PHOENIX NE improvement tracker
STABER restructuring of Italy
STABER NUR-2011-turnaround
STABER MAT turnaround